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Upgrade your life using hypnotherapy

Chris believes hypnosis is an effective tool for change; one that helps alter reactions to automatic habit responses. Helping his clients achieve this change by tapping into the subconscious mind via hypnosis has inspired him to apply these principles in conjunction with guided imagery to help others overcome their challenges. From weight management to fitness goals, anxiety reduction, smoking cessation, sports performance enhancement, self-esteem and self-motivation, hypnosis can affect change. A true Motivator, Chris enjoys using his experience and fitness background to help others experience the satisfaction that comes as a result of achieving their goals.

When working with Doctors to help with addiction recovery or assisting professional sports teams and individuals, Chris brings his insight as an experienced clinician to any situation. He has developed and shares his knowledge with the American Hypnosis Association teaching the "Sports Hypnosis and Peak Performance" Certification Course. Chris assists individuals in harnessing the power of their subconscious to positively bring about change on a body, mind, and spirit level. No goal is too small and every client is the most important one. No matter what the issue, success is the answer.

"Hypnosis is the bridge between conditioned mental responses and physiological outcomes. It is imperative for every athlete to train in hypnosis or that person is missing out on the mental training skills needed for athletics."
- Chris Geier










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