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Dr. Seth Kadish
Director of Group Therapy Services at PCH

Chris is one of the finest hypnotherapists I have had the pleasure to work with. He is well-versed in addiction and performance anxiety – very knowledgeable and creative with regard to the world of sports and competition and has worked with some very impressive and well-known clients. Perhaps more importantly, Chris has tremendous integrity and unfailing compassion for his clients. Chris always goes the extra mile and I greatly appreciate his talents, diligence and commitment to the work.

George Kappas M.A., M.F.T.
Director Americas First Nationally Accredited College of Hypnotherapy

“I believe that Mr. Geier may be the very best sports hypnosis specialist our accredited college has ever produced”.

“Chris  has also demonstrated himself to be a well rounded Hypnotherapist with superior skills assisting individuals to accomplish a whole range of motivations goals.”

C. Weaver - Pro Boxing Consultant

This letter of endorsement is being written on behalf Christopher Geier, Certified Hypnotherapist. I found him to be personable and very professional. He was very consistent with his process and his desire to see the progress being made by his subject. He makes it a point to explain the actions he is implementing and the type of results to be expected. All in all, the experience I had working with Christopher was well worth it and the change in the subject was amazing.

Chris Russo - Division I Collegiate Golfer

I am a Division I collegiate golfer, and currently a client of Chris Geier.  I had been working hard on all aspects of my golf game, and my technique was solid, but I just wasn't getting the results in tournament situations that I knew I was capable of.  About a year and a half ago, I looked for a local Sports Psychologist after being frustrated by what I considered to be putting “yips”.  After researching different names, I selected Chris Geier in Tarzana , CA , primarily because he seemed to focus on serious athletes.  I met with Chris initially, hoping that he could address the issues I was having with my putting.  Chris quickly identified numerous problem areas in my thought process that contributed to my putting problems.  He identified many other aspects of my game as well that could be improved, just by changing the way I was thinking.  Chris helped me to change the way I thought about golf.  He helped me to see that my negative thinking on the golf course, particularly in tournaments, translated over to my physical actions.  My positive mental attitude and disciplined approach has already shown results as I just won the first collegiate tournament of the season, the St. Mary’s Invitational, by shooting 9-under for the tournament and winning by two strokes.  I played solid golf all three rounds, but it was my mental attitude that made the difference.  I am absolutely positive that I would not have been able to do this, had I not been working with Chris Geier. 











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